Simply practical: standard FiBCs

Fasse Big Bags Logo englischOur standard FiBCs are particularly well-suited for coarse, pourable materials (for ex. grains, basalt gravel, filtrates, granules and ash) and are available in basic amounts between 70 cm and 125 cm in freely selectable heights. The FiBCs can be equipped with 1-point, 2-point, 4-point or 2-channel suspension..

Basic measures and heights of USBAGs

standard FiBCs table1

standard FiBCsOf course you can also order any other dimension from FASSE Industrietextilien.

For reasons of stability the Big Bag should not be more than twice as high as the smallest side measurement, however.

The bulk density of the product must also be taken into account. The weight class of the FIBC is calculated by multiplying the bulk density p (kg/m3) by the desired volume V (m3).

As different bulk goods require different filling methods, USBAGs either come open on top with a light-weight textile streamlining or with fillers. Standard diameters for the inlet to fill sacks with a filling pipe are:

standard FiBCs table2

The base of each of our Big Bags is also available in various designs. If no metered dispensing is required, your USBAG will be delivered with a closed base.

If metered dispensing is necessary, the FiBC will be equipped with an outlet whose diameter generally corresponds to that of the inlet.

The rule of thumb is: small diameter for freely flowing contents, large diameter for bulk goods which tend to agglomerate and bridge.

Also available from FASSE Industrietextilien: Linings made of PE-HD, PE-LD or aluminum compound foil. We recommend PE-HD as opposed to PE-LD products in cases of higher filling temperatures as well as for cases of low water vapor permeability. Aluminum compound foil is selected when extreme demands are made on gas-tightness and water vapor tightness