FiBCs for the area of ex-protection

Fasse Big Bags Logo englischFIBCS for the area of ex-protectionFilling and emptying Big Bags can lead to electrostatic charges and in the case of uncontrolled discharges, explosions can result. In order to avert this danger, FASSE Industrietextilien provides you with FiBCs for the area of ex-protection, made of electrically conductive textiles.

Carbon threads or multi-filament yarn with stainless steel interspersed in warp and woof conduct the charge safely to the grounding point. Simply fixate a grounding clamp to one of the seams: that’s it. Operating safety couldn’t be easier.

FiBCs for the area of ex-protection – safety first

Needless to say, since the upper segment of your FiBC is endangered by the separation of charge which occurs during the filling process and the accumulation of charge which this promotes, our belts are also electrically conductive.

For filling processes involving only a small degree of electrostatic charge in an explosion-proof environment we offer USBAGs with antistatic dressing as an alternative – of course using materials which are approved for foodstuffs.