Big Bags – Need-oriented material selection

Fasse Big Bags Logo englischBIG BAGS   - Material SelectionFASSE Industrietextilien takes the diversity of bulk goods into account by providing just the right selection of textiles and materials for your Big Bags.

Pourable granules, grains and other logistically undemanding products are filled and transported in standard FiBCs made of inexpensive, uncoated textiles.

In the case of powdered bulk goods, on the other hand, one must ensure that the environment is not impacted or MAK values are exceeded. For this reason coated polypropylene with an additional sealing seam to prevent the bulk material from escaping through the stitching holes is the solution of choice.

The right choice of material – you have the choice

In the case of powders and liquids which should be prevented from escaping while being protected against environmental influences we fit your USBAGs with a polyethylene lining (huge plastic sack) in addition.

On principle, FASSE Industrietextilien uses UV-stabilized textiles. The stabilizers are added to the PP granules and enter the PP ribbons through extrusion. A migration to the contents of the FiBC can be ruled out.

The risk of powder explosions which is often given when bulk goods are manipulated can be ruled out through the right selection of materials as well. For this we recommend polypropylene textiles with coating and anti-static effect.

Talk to us – and we will find the clean solution for your bulk goods as well.