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    (You can ascertain the weight class easily on the basis of the bulk density (kg/m3) and the desired volume (m3) which you want to fill.)

    1000 kg1250 kg1500 kg>1500 kg
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    (If the FiBC should be dust-tight, then coated textiles, often featuring additional seam sealing, are used. The standard is a white, uncoated textile.)

    uncoatedcoatedwith seam sealingelectrically conductiveblack
    Design top open on topLiner
    Design bottom Liner

    (We recommend lining made of PE-HD if the filling temperature exceeds 60°C. PE-HD is also water-vapor impermeable as well as more tear-resistant than PE-LD. Lining made of aluminum compound foil has the best barrier features. Let us advise you.)

    PE-HDPE-LDPE electrically conductiveAluminum compound

    (USBAGs are available as disposable and refillable containers in UN-design as well. USBAGs delivers UN-FiBCs in Category 13H1 (uncoated textile), 13H2 (coated textile), 13H3 (uncoated textile with interior lining) and 13H4 (coated textile with interior lining). Let us advise you.)

    DisposableRefillableUN-testedDimensionally stableComplies with Food LawAsbestos disposalPrinted