Big-Bag applications – Surprisingly versatile

Fasse Big Bags Logo englischBig-Bag applicationsIn the meantime, Big-Bags are being used more and more in branches of industry where this packaging material’s potential for rationalizing logistics processes and cutting costs has been recognized. So Big-Bag applications are the solution for your individual requirements

Due to its low dead weight, large volume and high load-bearing capacity, easy filling and emptying as well as optimal storage and stacking capacity, FiBCs are an attractive option for practically any enterprise which fills, collects, stores and transports bulk goods.

USBAGs by FASSE Industrietextilien find application, for example,

Big-Bag applications – flexible and clean

  • as collection, storage and transport containers for waste materials in waste management technology (for ex. filter dust, ashes, paper)
  • as product packaging (for ex. for wood pellets, granules, filtrates)
  • as means of transporting building materials (for ex. clay, basalt gravel)
  • as means of transporting foodstuffs (for ex. grains, flour, milk powder)

Are you looking for a simple and economic logistics solution for your products, raw materials and supplies or waste? USBAGs by FASSE Industrietextilien are the answer.