industrial filtersIndustrial Filters by Fasse

They extract more for your money

Fasse FilterFounded as an industrial stitching company in 1964, the FASSE Industrietextilien GmbH now rates among the most innovative manufacturers and leading full-package providers in the area of filter technologies. Competent consultancy, uncompromising quality and on-schedule delivery 100% of the time make us a highly valued partner – for enterprises and the environment alike.

“A good-enough fit” doesn’t suit us at all

… and we don’t satisfy ourselves with “can’t-be-dones”: FASSE Filters are custom-manufactured with highest precision – in accordance with designs, customer specifications and parameters defined on-site. This way you can be sure to get exactly the product you asked for. Individually designed for your application. Look for uniform goods elsewhere.

Quality – higher than its price

High-quality materials and state-of-the-art processing technology make our filters as valuable as they are cost-efficient. Whether they are stitched, welded or glued, two things always go into making them: know-how and the experience of our employees. No wonder some enterprises have been our customers for over 45 years.

Always quick but never on the quick

We don’t disappear at the end of the production process. Assembly, maintenance and disassembly are just as much a part of the services we offer as are physical, chemical and optical analyses. And in the case of a breakdown, our hotline, on-the-spot manufacturing and immediate delivery reduce reaction and down time.