On location in the heart of Germany

Right in the middle of Germany lies the production site of FASSE Industrietextilien GmbH, readily accessible by car and public transport. From here our customers in Germany, Europe and other locations all around the globe are within easy reach.

Our commitment to the Uslar location does not merely pay tribute to the company tradition of a medium-sized family-owned enterprise. It corresponds with the desire of our customers all around the globe for high-quality products “made in Germany“ like those only qualified specialists can manufacture. So as to satisfy this discerning demand in the future as well, we have been investing systematically for many years in the expansion of our manufacturing facilities and our infrastructures.

Why not drop in for a visit in picturesque Solling? We would gladly invite you in for a good cup of “filter coffee.“


Address / directions

If you are searching for custom-tailored industrial textiles, we know a good short-cut:

Fasse Industrietextilien GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Str. 3
37170 Uslar
Tel.: +49 5571 9159-0
Fax.: +49 5571 9159-29

E-Mail: info(at)fasse.biz